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December 13, 2017

Many yoga teachers start class with the advice “set your intention for this practice.” As students, we are encouraged to think of something simple that we want on the mat, or something bigger that we want to manifest off the mat. As I approach the New Year, and half a year in business as a yoga studio owner, I think often about my intentions. My husband likes to tease me that I have managed to make yoga stressful. Some of my coworkers at the hospital definitely think I’m nuts. My loyal friends listen to endless chatter about the day to day in the studio. This has been my year, building the studio, creating a community, meeting new yogis, and having the privilege of sharing something in their lives. And so when I am at the start of class, setting my own intention, I remind myself; “Enjoy the process. This is my only chance.” As you approach the New Year, I encourage you to think of an intention to carry forward into 2018. And again, it can be something simple, and it can be on the mat. Maybe you are looking to work through an injury. Maybe you are going to conquer your fear of going upside down. Or maybe you are looking to finally get that “one pose.” But I invite you to set a broader intention for this year, and commit to a step toward greater happiness. Keep it positive. And I’d love to hear from you all, please share, as an inspiration to the Live Oak Yoga community. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! Namaste

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